Looking Back

During this season of Advent, we are exploring what it means for the Church to look back in order to bring hope for the future. 

Christ the King

Have you ever wondered what do we mean when we say "Christ the King"?  This CTK Sunday, we'll explore why names are significant along with Jesus' varies names.  


Connecting to Life Groups, we begin our four week series on "Service".  

All God's Children

The next installment of our series exploring our vision statement, "Becoming a Gathering Place for All God's Children".  Here, we explore what it means to truly become a place welcoming to All God's Children.


Woodlake's vision statement is "Becoming a Gathering Place for All God's Children."  In this series we explore how "place" matters in the life of faith.


This month we explore what it means to "gather" together as the people of God.

Happy Birthday, Church!

Pentecost is often thought of as the birthday of the Church, so we will celebrate it with joy, laughter, and excitement of how the Holy Spirit will work in our midst!

Holy Humor

God loves to laugh, and in this series we'll enjoy some extra humor and laughs at church!