Current Series


Community: Twin Cities

The Twin Cities community is vast and encompasses so many diverse populations and experiences. This month we will focus on the Richfield community along with the metro area


We welcome all to God's kingdom. We welcome each other, we welcome with love and care. 


How do we make Jesus' the cornerstone of our lives? Through ministry and through actively experiencing life as a follower of Christ.


Giving like Jesus gives, wholeheartedly and without expectation of the receiver. We focus this month on what others give to us and what we can give to others. 


What does a world look like where we can imagine together? Imagine God's vision for this world, imagine new visions for our community and imagine new spaces of Ministry for our church.

Looking Ahead

We have spent the year celebrating Woodlake's 75th Anniversary by Looking Back and now we are highlighting Woodlake's Future by Looking Ahead.

Christmas Pageant

Each year we have a yearly Christmas Pageant which you can watch a recording of here.

Looking Back

During this season of Advent, we are exploring what it means for the Church to look back in order to bring hope for the future. 

Christ the King

Have you ever wondered what do we mean when we say "Christ the King"?  This CTK Sunday, we'll explore why names are significant along with Jesus' varies names.  


Connecting to Life Groups, we begin our four week series on "Service".