Why ducks?

If you're coming to Woodlake for the first time, you might notice the ducks on our logo.  This might rightly make you ask, "Why ducks?"  While ducks are not typical Christian symbolism, below are some of the reasons we felt ducks were a good representation of Woodlake!

This image of a mother duck with her duckling is a symbol for God as a mother hen. 

We see this in scriptures like Matthew 23:37: "How often have I desired to gather your children together as a hen gathers her brood under her wings." You are a child of God and as such we hope you see yourself in this image as well!

This is a family image and Woodlake has a history of being a family church.

Learn about our story as a church and our legacy of family ministry. 

The water represents baptism.

We hold baptism dear because it marks a moment of joining God's family! The water symbolizes that moment. Do you want to explore what baptism might mean for you?  Click here!

This image makes us smile!  

We hope your experience at Woodlake leaves a smile on your face as well.

We want to be a part of the community.  

Ducks are all over Richfield! You’ll find them in every pond, neighborhood, and even at times perched atop roofs.

Ducks remind us of our church's name, Woodlake!

Names always play a big role in our identities, and the duck image reminds us of who (and whose) we are.  

We’ve even had resident ducks here at Woodlake. 

Enjoy this video of ducks leaving their nesting ground in Woodlake’s courtyard and going out into the world.  Like the ducks in that video, we want families to grow here and then go into the world to share God’s love!

So we hope you see the ducks in the same way we do now, an image centered in the grace of love of God found in the person of Jesus Christ.  We hope you see a family image.  But most of all, we hope you come see us at Woodlake Lutheran Church for a visit! 

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Woodlake Ducks

Photos of ducks that have taken up residence in our courtyard over the years