The Goal

The goal of our youth programming is to connect the head and the heart to Jesus Christ by experiencing him in fun activities, community, and youth leadership.  ALL are welcome!

RALY Youth Group (4-8th Grade)

Connecting the heart

Richfield Area Lutheran Youth (RALY) is our shared youth group with House of Prayer Lutheran Church.  RALY regularly meets on Wednesday nights during the school year and has periodic fun events throughout the year.  ALL are welcome!  Check out RALY's webpage to learn more!

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Confirmation (7-9th Grade)

Connecting the head

Where RALY is about inspiration and knowing God in your heart, confirmation is about giving youth a chance to also know God in their mind through learning about scripture, core parts of the Lutheran tradition, and who Jesus Christ is.

High School (9-12th Grade)

Becoming a Leader

We beleive our high schoolers are ready to lead.  That's why our youth participate in RALY Dives Deeper, a once a month youth group that talks about BIG issues through the lens of faith, and Peer Ministry Leadership, where faith skills are put into action!  Fun events and summer trips are also part of RALY for high school as well.  ALL are welcome! Check out RALY's website to learn more!   
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