Music Monday for August 2, 2020 – “Trumpet Tune in C Major” – Michael McCabe

One reason I love the pipe organ – and there are many – is that it is an imitative, orchestral instrument. That is, the menagerie of sound the organ can reproduce includes almost any instrument you might hear in an orchestra (trumpet, flute, oboe, strings, etc). While each organ has a different variety of these sounds available (it takes a lot of pipes to imitate a full orchestra and not every budget or room can support such an undertaking), most organs at least offer a Trumpet stop (set of pipes).

My favorite music for the organ is highly emotive. Whether that be melancholy through soft rhythms and registration (combination of stops to create certain sounds) or – as highlighted in today’s offering – pure dance-like joy, the symphony of the organ come alive through one’s fingers and toes will never fail to draw me into the sanctuary of music.

Soli Deo gloria,
-Joshua Lindgren,Director of Worship and Music

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