Faith Stories

As we coped with the Covid-19 pandemic, Woodlake members and friends began to share their stories of faith. Hear from parents, children, and elders who have stories to tell about God’s goodness, life lessons, and provision.

Balancing motherhood, staying engaged with the church, and mourning canceled vacations during Covid with Jess Gottenborg.
A lifetime of becoming more engaged with faith and the church, and engaging with lessons from 2020 with Laurie and Gary Nix.

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Leaving the church in frustration as a young adult, returning as a young family, engaging with issues of injustice, and a blessing for the church from Anne Schmieg.
Challenges of the pandemic resulting in innovation, missing usual connection, but continuing to trust in God and acknowledge Jesus’ closeness at all times with Pastor Neal Cannon.
The blessing of Lutheran community as an introvert, finding ways to reset as a family in the pandemic, and more from Mary Cannon.
Moving from rote religiosity to engaged worshipper, and lessons from a short book read with grandchildren reminding them of God’s love with Wayne Schmieg.
The pros and cons of social distancing and keeping faith with 5th grader Melvin Sujeeth.
Covid hobbies, missing friends, real talk about injustice and bias with young Kari Hargreaves
Missing dance recitals, optimism from the support seen in the demonstrating after George Floyd’s death, and building her house on the rock with 9 year old Niyana Franklin-Hayes.
Life as a high schooler in the beginning of Covid, favorite Bible passages, and his faith role models with Ben Thompson.
Faith lessons from gardening including a cherished poem from her mother, with Anne Schauer.
Surviving Pearl Harbor’s bombing as a baby, having faith in God later on, and continuing to trust in God’s provision personally and at Woodlake Lutheran Church with Anne Romstad.