Life Groups


To form a life-giving relationship with Jesus


  • Jesus said, “And let the one who believes in me drink. As the scripture has said, ‘Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.’” John 7:38
  • “Let everyone who is thirsty come. Let anyone who wishes take the water of life as a gift.”  Revelation 22:17b
  • “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” Isaiah 12:3
  • Revelation 21:6, “To the thirsty Jesus will give water as a gift from the spring of the water of life.”


Share the good news of Jesus


Congregational life is centered around relationships.  To build trust, deepen our relationships with other members, and grow in faith; community life will transition into Woodlake life groups.  

We will take our existing congregational group/communities that are life giving and expand them and add new congregational life groups where needed to meet our vision: to form a life-giving relationship with Jesus.

Musical Themes

  • ELW 446 “I’m Going on a Journey”
  • ELW 732 “Borning Cry”


Our goal is to recruit 25 small group leaders to lead groups of 5-7 people reaching 125-175 people.  

Each quarter, life groups will meet for 4 weeks to build relationships, serve, and grow in faith.  Curriculum will be developed to help facilitate discussions based off of our weekly worship experiences.  Life groups will also be encouraged to build relationships through acts of service and are encouraged to participate in one service or justice activity together per quarter.


Fall 2020Theme: Grace, Hope, LoveMessage 
October 7 Grace
October 14Confession
October 21Forgiveness
October 28Communion
Winter 2021Theme: Grace, Hope, LoveMessage
January 6Incarnation 
January 13Hope
January 20Life
January 28Heaven
Spring 2021Theme: Grace, Hope, LoveMessage
April 7God 
April 14Love
April 21Jesus
April 28Good News
Summer 2021Theme: Sharing the StoryMessage
July 7Creation 1
July 14Creation 2 
July 21Adam and Eve
July 28Cain and Able
Fall 2021Theme: Sharing the StoryMessage
October 6Temple
October 13Time
October 20Talent
October 27Treasure
Winter 2022Theme: God’s OwnMessage
January 5You
January 12Family
January 19Church
January 26Community 
Spring 2022Theme: God’s OwnMessage
April 6Service 
April 13Justice 
April 20Mission
April 27Outreach

Leader Instructions

Thank you for agreeing to lead a Woodlake Life Group.  Woodlake life is vision to build and grow relationships at Woodlake with Jesus and others.  As a leader you are committing to the following responsibilities.  

  1. Contact group members and invite them to participate in your Woodlake Life Group (WLG).  
    1. Explain what WLG is.
    2. Share the time commitment involved (1 hour per week for 4 weeks on October)
    3. After WLG wraps up in October, you will be sent survey asking: 
      1. How your experience was with your Woodlake Life Group
      2. If you want to continue with your WLG, switch to another WLG, start your own, or drop out.
  2. Find a time/location that works for your group to meet.  (If you want to meet through Zoom please contact and we’ll help you schedule your online meeting)
    1. Woodlake would be happy to reserve a space at church for you.
    2. You can meet anytime from Wednesday—Tuesday each week.  New Woodlake life group material will be available each Wednesday. 
  3. Send reminders to your group of your upcoming meetings.
  4. Review agenda each week and familiarize yourself with your role.  Leaders will:
    1. Lead opening and closing prayer
    2. Lead discussions
    3. Encourage all to participate.  
    4. Be on the lookout for participants who want to monopolize conversations and gently find ways to include everyone’s perspective.  
    5. Create ways for all people to watch the Bible/teaching section video.  If video is not an option please call/email office for paper distribution.
      1. Woodlake Life Groups will be located on our website with all bible passages, videos, activities, information, and discussion questions listed there.
    6. Organize a service event with your group. (One service event per quarter)
      1. Find ways to use your groups interests and skills to meet the needs of the community.  
      2. If you need any help brainstorming ideas please contact Service and Justice Leadership Board Commissioner Laurel Johnson 
  5. Of course, feel free to add other things to your WLG to make it unique and special.  Consider adding social events, bringing food, attending a concert together, sitting together in worship/creating a watch party for worship, helping each other out, the possibilities are endless.

Structure [1 hour]

Relationship Building [15]

  1. Opening Prayer [Group Leader] 
  2. Team Building Activity [10]
  3. Share a highs and lows for the week [5]

Bible/Teaching [10]  

  1. Watch Video including
    1. Bible Verse
    2. Message
    3. Discussion Questions

Discussion [30]

  1. Group Conversation/Reflection

Closing [5]

  1. Each person shares something that sparked further interest or thought. [5]
  2. Closing Prayer [Group Leader]