It is our desire at Woodlake Lutheran Church to assist you during this time of loss and grief. Pastors and support staff are available to uphold you with prayer and personal contact:

– during the dying process of a loved one,
– during the planning stages of the funeral or memorial service,
– through your grief and adjustment to life without your loved one.

The Pastor and Funeral Coordinator will journey with you during this difficult time and help you with the decisions that you will need to make regarding the funeral service and other arrangements. The Pastor will be there to provide pastoral care and lead you through the planning of the funeral service. The Funeral Coordinator will help with logistical issues behind the scene, so that the pastor has more time to spend with you.

A funeral service is multifaceted. It can be a time of healing as well as a time to grieve. Equally important is celebrating the life of the deceased and honoring their memory. The celebration continues as we reflect on the new life that God’s children have in the presence of Jesus through His death and resurrection!

We invite you to email the church office at, and we’ll connect you to a pastor who can walk you through honoring your loved one.