Christ in Community

Welcome to the Collaborative Richfield Lutheran Churches page.

Christ in Community – A Collaboration of Lutheran Churches in Richfield

House of Prayer Lutheran Church – 7625 Chicago Avenue South

Oak Grove Lutheran Church – 7045 Lyndale Avenue South

Woodlake Lutheran Church – 7525 Oliver Avenue South

Woodlake has been collaborating with two other ELCA Lutheran Churches in Richfield: House of Prayer Lutheran Church and Oak Grove Lutheran Church. Together we have hosted joint programming like our outdoor worship services at Veteran’s Park, combined senior events, and the 2017 family mission trip to Madison. Beyond simple programming, we’ve come together to explore an important centering question: How can we embody Jesus in and with our community?

Our Purpose

As Lutheran Churches in Richfield, we are feeling called by God and each other to be a stronger, more vibrant, more relevant presence in our community. By working together, we hope to energize our members to more deeply know God and each other, find new and different ways to grow, and share our faith. We also seek to meet people in our community in the places and ways that are most needed and desired.

Current Work

After a year with three teams in charge of listening to God, listening to our congregations, and listening to the community, the Collaboration Steering Committee decided it was time to embark on a new effort together. It is very clear in our congregations and the community of Richfield that even though most people strongly value diversity and the many backgrounds our neighbors come from, we don’t always know how to relate across cultural differences. We also feel strongly called by God to bridge that gap and connect with all of God’s children.

Recently over 100 leaders from our 3 churches took the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI), an assessment designed to examine how well you relate to people from cultures different than your own. The IDI also offers action steps to explore in order to continue building intercultural skills. In February of 2018, all three churches gathered to hear our collective results and explore possible next steps together.



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