Staff & Leadership Board


Pastor Neal Cannon

Pastor Micah Pearson


John Call, Maintenance Engineer

Nick Conway, Assistant Maintenance Engineer

Sean Craven, Assistant Custodian

Daniel Ditmanson, Youth Outreach and Program Director

Orville Holland, Financial Assistant

Joshua Lindgren, Director of Worship and Music

Linda Lutgen, Business Administrator

2021 Leadership Board Members

Woodlake’s Leadership Board consists of an executive team (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) and Commissioners who lead their specific areas of the congregation (Administration and Facility, Congregational Care, Congregational Life, Faith Formation, Mission and Outreach, Worship and Music). Nominations and elections are held each November during our annual congregational meeting. Board members typically serve two-year terms and must be members of the congregation. Contact the Board at

President: Scott Dahlquist

Vice-President: Karen Nilsen

Secretary: Jean Kass

Treasurer: Augie Schauer

Worship and Music Commissioners: Deb Heinecke

Administration and Facility Commissioner: Ed Morrow

Congregational Life Commissioner: Cheryl Lundsgaard

Service and Justice Commissioner: Dave Thompson

Faith Formation (Children, Youth, and Family) Commissioner: Anne Romstad

Congregational Care Commissioner: Leslie Lien

Youth Representative: Mara Lien